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LAMAS Qi Gong Grandmaster

Sikung Lowe

Grandmaster Lowe has been practicing LAMAS Qi Gong for over 60 years. This style of Qi Gong, until recently, had remained an esoteric practice since the Han dynasty (1st century B.C.).


Grandmaster Lowe is a LAMAS Qi Gong Grandmaster the living lineage holder and principle founder of all LAMAS Qi Gong associations across the world. He lives in Retford, England, but continues to travel, teach and mentor many Qi Gong Masters and Instructors throughout the World.


Summary of Accomplishments: Presenter and Panelist in the 1st White House Commission on Complementary & Alternative Medical policy (WHCCAMP), September 2000.


Presenter, panelist and member of the World Qi Gong Congress (WQC) as well as the World Qi Gong Federation (WQF).


Presenter for the Global Holistic Summit in Bangalore, India.


Presenter of Qi Gong to the Jerusalem International, Integrated Medical Conference, in Jerusalem Israel - 10/2010.


World Authority on LAMAS Qi Gong, featured on various National and International Television Programs. Author of books "Stress Elimination", "The Art of Daoyin" (sold-out limited first edition). Also producer of instructional Qi Gong DVDs and Video tapes.


Grandmaster Lowe is highly sought-after for his Healing abilities: As a Medical Intuitive, he possesses the ability to see into one's body, helping them identify the root cause of their ailment. Master Lowe's Qi Gong Consultation is a life changing experience.

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