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Tai Chi - Qigong – Meditation

Balancing - Body, Mind & Spirit

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi Chuan is a Mind / Body exercise that follows natural movements and principles of nature. The movements are slow & relax with focus, concentration and breath.


Through daily practice of Tai Chi, one will learn and develop patience, calmness, relaxation, better balance, breathe better, focus, concentration and overall well being.


Tai Chi Chuan is the most effective balance and coordination exercise in the world.



What is Qigong?

Qigong or Chi Kung is the art and science of cultivating and manipulating one’s vital life force energy with the intention of healing. There are many forms of Qigong systems

throughout the world. Whatever form of Qigong you practice, should bring you great benefits.



What is Meditation?

Meditation is a term that refers both to a state of consciousness in which a practitioner watches oneself, as well as a method for practicing and achieving such a state.

As a method, meditation means quieting the mind in order to more clearly see one’s self.


Tai Chi - Chi Kung - Meditation are excellent ways to balance your Body, your Mind and your Spirit.


Best wishes in all your practice.


Sifu Gary Tong

You can now stream Tai Chi & Chi Kung (Qigong) Videos from any computer or mobile device.


Many Chi cultivation forms with instructions are presently available to assist you in your study and practice:

Learn natural ways to cultivate "Chi", reduce stress & anxiety, focus and calm your mind!

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