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Tai Chi 8 Posture Form

Tai Chi 8 Posture Form or 10 Posture Form was created in Bejing, China in
1999. This form consist of 8 Postures of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan plus the
Opening & Closing Postures.

Tai Chi 8 Form is very popular for it's simplicity and it requires very little space to play or practice.

Commencing form (Opening)

Posture #1. Repulse Monkey Right then left;

Posture #2. Brush Knees, Left then Right

Posture #3. Part the Wild Horses Mane, Left then Right

Posture #4. Wave Hands Like Clouds, Left side leads; two times, then right 2

Posture #5. Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg, Right leg up left down, then
left leg up right down

Posture #6. Cross hands and Heel kick,  Kick right, then kick left

Posture #7. Grasp The Bird's Tail: Ward-off, Roll back, Press, Push
Right side, then Left side

Posture #8. Cross Hands

Closing form

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